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Egg Statue

This magical statue can be found buried deep in the heart of the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. Completely hidden away, and unlike any of the other statues, it beckoned me to it and had me gliding my hand across its smooth surface. Who made this statue and why is it in the garden?

The next thing I know, my sister and I are jumping and laughing and taking pictures that are really fun to look at. A close friend later sees the pictures and plants the seed: "You need to draw these."

Many years later the time has come. I sit with a blank piece of paper and some pastels and charcoals. I am constantly amazed at watching a drawing come into existence. Pastel magically becomes a hint of an egg, or a face, or an arm. I see the charcoal coming from the pencil. I know it is charcoal, yet it mysteriously vanishes as it transforms into an eye or a pant crease. How does this happen?

The finished product stands on its own, asking to be interpreted in countless ways. For me, I wonder how these came to be.

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